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Andrew Musil

ARTservancy 2018-2019

Cedarburg Environmental Study Area


I am interested in producing work at the Cedarburg Environmental Study Area because of its major transformation. I make photographs using chemical photographic processes, which have an inherent implication as a preservation of history, especially within the canon of landscape photography. For example, the landscape photographs of famous photographers like Timothy O’Sullivan and Ansel Adams of the American West. Their photographs are seen as evidence of an untouched landscape, to warn against human impact on that nature landscape. For this project, I will photograph the Cedarburg Environmental Study Area in the manner of those preservative styles, but documenting a landscape that is not connected to its history as it underwent two significant transformations; first into farmland, and then back into a nature preserve. The photographs serve as a study of the site, which acknowledges its new purpose: a place that is designated for studying nature.

The photograph will be created using the albumen silver process, the process of which Timothy O’Sullivan’s photographs were exhibited. The photographs that are made with this process are limited to the size of their negatives. My cameras limit this scale to 4" x 5" and 3.25" x 5.5" negatives, which can be cropped to produce even smaller photographs. My negatives will be created using albumen and gelatin dry glass plate processes, which were popular in the late 19th century. Multiple editions of albumen silver prints may be created from the negatives.