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What is the Arts Council?

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The Arts Council is a nonprofit gallery where everyone is invited to make art and learn about art. Check out our homepage for workshops and special activities offered at the Arts Council, or drop in for a spontaneous moment of creativity. 


In addition to original artworks by artists in residence at Studio 224, we are pleased to offer paintings, prints and notecards by Shirley Schanen Gruen, who had her studio and gallery in this location for over forty years. Her imagery is synonymous with Port Washington, making her works perfect for giftgiving and momentos.

The Arts Council exists to enrich the Port Washington community both culturally and economically through a variety of arts experiences, and seeks to raise awareness regarding the value of the arts. It aids in providing a big picture vision for Gallery 224 and Studio 224, and serves as an umbrella organization for all art venues and organizations in the Port Washington community, believing that we are better together, and that calendar coordination and unified promotion increases visibility and everyone’s audience. 

The Arts Council adds stability and continuity to art and cultural programming in the area in order to grow and expand the audience for such programming through established partnerships. We aim to enhance the local culture and promote its unique history and geography. 

As a nonprofit organization, we seek broad support for programs through membership, partnerships with other nonprofits, grants and business sponsorships. You can help! Join here or to sponsor an exhibition or make a special contribution, please contact administrative director, Pamela Hugdahl at

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