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Brooklyn Henke

ARTservancy 2018-2019

Spirit Lake


I am interested in Spirit Lake in Mequon. As an artist and educator, I am inspired by connections – the nature of life and death; the cycles of the land; the constant battle and relationships between plant, land, and insect. There are multiple spaces and ecosystems, and I am interested in all of them. I spent some time through my graduate degree painting and studying the macroinvertebrates of the Milwaukee River. I find these life cycles fascinating. 

In our yard, we are fighting back buckthorn, garlic mustard, and other invasive species, and have begun creating various pollinator gardens and bringing back native plants. I am interested to spend time in a location where effective land stewardship is underway. In increasing the number of native wildflowers and plants over the course of the last 3 years, we have seen a corresponding shift in the number of butterflies, number of bees (and range of species), and other pollinators. I feel passionate about education and nature in education- and I would love to spend time not only studying and reflecting on the insect/plant interactions, but also for my work to serve an educational impact. 

I plan on working in two methods: Recording and studying by way of Macrophotography; and meditations on my findings through watercolor and ink on gessoed panel. I would like the works to range from service of science and education, to intricate and playful.