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Gallery 224 presents,

Ellen anderson

ARTservancy Artist Resident


This exhibition features artwork inspired by the Forest Beach Migratory Preserve


Ellen Anderson

Artist's Statement 

I paint in my studio on the Milwaukee River in Mequon, Wisconsin.  Current themes for the oil paintings are: Wisconsin nature, and women. 

The preservation of our wild areas is important to me, and I hope my statements in oil on canvas invite a closer look at the mystery and miracle and fragility of woodlands wild creatures and waters of Wisconsin.  Using light and atmosphere to tell a story, the paintings often show a myth-like reality of a time and place of importance and power that only nature lends.   

Working in watercolor/gouache for many years informs the often thin layers of atmosphere the oils start with.  Painting small for illustrations have led me to now love painting large, to put a voice to the magic and majesty of our outdoors. 

Forest Beach Migratory Preserve was one of my first points of reference to the Ozaukee Washington Land Trust (OWLT) and their wonderful work when I moved to this area eight years ago.  Their vision statement:  Inspiring people to engage with nature by ensuring that habitats, working lands, and water resources are conserved, connected and resilient.  Forest Beach is a former long-time golf course of 116 acres, acquired by OWLT and happily given over to nature. The magic of growth—from golf greens to meadows, from highly groomed trees to wild wonder—is happening for the benefit of not only migratory birds, but the many other animals that now call this area home. I have found hope in watching this happen over the past seven years; given the chance, nature will right itself. 

Gallery 224  

Gallery 224 is open!

Wednesday through Sunday
11:00 AM - 4:00 PM  

303 N Franklin Street
Port Washington, WI
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