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Gina Litherland

    Gina Litherland – drypoint prints

    "I am currently participating in a project-based residency in printmaking at Studio 224. I am using the technique of drypoint to create a series of intaglio prints. In drypoint, the surface of a plate of either Plexiglas, zinc, or copper is scratched into, drawing the desired image with a sharp point. The technique of using the needle is more directly similar to drawing and is easier to master than engraving. The plate is then inked and put through a press in direct contact with a sheet of soaked and blotted paper.  Drypoint generally produces a softer, velvety, almost blurred line compared to etching or engraving. My process includes the development of the drawings into a narrative that shows the subtle impact of the natural world on the human psyche."

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