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ARTservancy Artist In Resident Exhibitions

February 2023 - December 2023

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February - March 2023 - Sarah Eichhorn & Chuck Stebelton

April 2023 - Heather Eiden

May 2023 - Deb Mortl

June 2023 - Julia Scheckel

July - August 2023 - Jim Toth & Holly Buchholz

September - October 2023 - Jeff Zimpel

November 2023 - Lisa Leick

December 2023 - Ashley Lusietto


ARTservancy Artist In Resident Exhibitions

Rotating monthly exhibitions. October 2021 - September 2022

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October - Jaymee Harvey Willms, November - Heidi Parkes, December/January - Karen & Patrick Robison, February -Tom Smith, March - Angela Johnson / Justin Bitner , April - Berel Lutsky, May - Sally Duback, June - Special Guest, Kelly Alexander , July - Frankie Garr, August - Kristin Gjerdset, September - Beth Stoddard

* Warren Enstrom, Mauriah Donegan Kraker, Jayce Kolinski and Marsha McDonald will also participate

September 17, 2021


Celebrating the life of Jane Suddendorf 

It seems only fitting that the last show Gallery 224 founder Jane Suddendorf curated would be named “To be continued …” They are words that Jane often spoke in conversations with those close to her and the gallery.  That’s what Jane would have wanted … for us to gather, let go, and allow these things to become what they will. 

ARTservancy Artist Resident Exhibitions

Rotating monthly exhibitions. September 2020 - August 2021

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September - Devon Hugdahl,  October - Mary Mendla, November - Glenda Puhek, December - Krista Allenstein, January - Emily Verbeten, February - Eddee Daniel, March - Vicki Reed, April - Barbara Manger, May - Kelly Alexander, June - Tori Tasch, July - Danielle Pahlisch, August - Leslie Fedorchuk

Summer 2020


Emerging 2020 featured works by four AP Art students from Port Washington High School; artists include Claire Ball, Evan Deer, Joe Lerche and Sam Neilson

Let Me Repeat Myself

January 31 - March 21, 2020


Let Me Repeat Myself featured works by Jamie Bertsch, Marna Brauner, Michelle Grabner, Cynthia Lorenz, Keely Phippen and Sara Willadsen; artists who utilize pattern and repetition to explore the endless possibilities of even the most simple form.

Writers In Our Midst

December 19, 2019 - January 11, 2020


Writers In Our Midst was a program-focused exhibition that included three visual installations as possible writing prompts: Vicki Reed’s River of Grandmothers, a series of prints by Thomas Gaudynski, and a series of photographs by Scott Symes. Weekly programs included Writers Studio, Writers Cafe, Writers in Residence and Writing Group.

December 5, 2019

Artsts In our midst.png

In celebration of our 50th exhibition at Gallery 224, 130 artists contributed artwork for our first fundraising event, raising nearly $7000 to support Gallery 224, the Arts Council, Studio 224 programs.  Thank you to all who make the arts in Port possible!

ARTservancy 2018-19 (The First Year)

September 13 - November 9, 2019

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In partnership with the Ozaukee Washington Land Trust, this yearlong residency program featured works by twelve artists who each selected a Land Trust preserve to respond to over the course of the year. Learn more about the program at Eddee Daniel's blog, The Natural Realm.

Discovering Port En Plein Air

August 2-24, 2019


Plein Air painters explored the varied scenic views of Port Washington over the course of ten weeks, from May - July. Four informal meet-ups were coordinated with guest artists Tom Kubala, Chris Behrs, Eric Callahan Blum and Clarey Wamhoff. The guest artists awarded paintings in the culminating exhibition for Best Historic Architecture, Best Main Street Painting, Best Marina Painting and Best Lakefront Painting. The meet-ups, exhibition and awards were made possible through generous support from the Tom Didier Real Estate Team.

The Devil's Dictionary

June 14 - July 20, 2019

DD invitation_edited.jpg

Featuring 32 artists from the Vox Populi Print Collective who have used the wit of Ambrose Bierce and his book The Devil's Dictionary for inspiration to create artworks that focus on political and social themes of our time.

Emerging 2019

May 10-18, 2019


Our Eighth Annual Advanced Placement Senior Thesis Show for Port Washington High School, featuring Hailie Bauer, Emmalouise Delie, Isabella Delie, Maxwell Korup, Alaena Kultgen, Victoria LaCosse, Zoe Lane, Miranda Larsson, Fiona Leifer, Lillian Nielson, Claire Penkwitz, Sara Schneider, Teagan Walters, and Aryanna Wendtland

From One to Another

March 22-April 20, 2019


This exhibition featured five MIAD Faculty and a student or former student that they have chosen to be part of the exhibition with them. From One to Another was about the mutual learning and dialog that occurs between teachers and their students. Faculty: Peter Barrickman, John Caruso, Matthew Lee, Brooklyn Henke, and Rina Yoon. Students/Alumni: Eve Berndt, Gabbie Dyke, Sommer Ferguson, Hannah Jo Malaczynski, Emily Verbeten

Responding, A Conversation in Color

January 11-March 2, 2019

erica 4.jpg

This exhibition featured artists Martha Coaty, Erica Jane Huntzinger, and Angela Pierro. In conjunction with this show, ten poets have been invited to write a poem inspired by the show and share it at a poetry reading on February 3. Also, 6 poetry workshops were scheduled on Saturday mornings. 

Just Show Up!

November 9-10, 2018


Kindergarten - 4th graders from Port Washington/Saukville invited their family and friends to the Opening Reception and Artist Party on Friday night, followed by another showing on Saturday. Treats and lots of photo opportunities made this a fun night where budding artists showed off their work!

The Art of Papercutting

September 14-November 3, 2018


Co-curated by artists Jose A. Chavez and Hal Rammel, "The Art of Papercutting" surveys the work of eight artists who bring this artform into the 21st century as both a traditional and personal means of expression. Also included were several Artist Talks and Conversations with the Artists over the course of the exhibition.

Featuring Kelly Alexander, Jose A. Chavez, Raoul Deal, Bernie Jendrzejczak, Dara Larson, Hal Rammel, Daniel Rathbun, Amy Soczka and Xiaohong Zhang, whose paper cut is shown above.


June 8-July 28, 2018


BIG IDEAS featured Tom Bamberger, Emily Belknap, Tom Loeser, and Katie Ries, along with a Community Garden Wall of flowers by over 30 artists. This exhibition was curated by Tom Bamberger.

Emerging 2018

May 11-May 26, 2018


Our Seventh Annual Advanced Placement Senior Thesis Show for Port Washington High School! 


March 23-April 28, 2018


Featuring Craig Grabhorn, Julie VonDerVellen, Sarah Eichorn, and Tom Loeser
Shapes, patterns and structures in paint, homemade paper, fabric and wood – Formations was a delight for the eyes.

Journals and Journeys

January 12-March 3, 2018


Lynne Bergschultz, Ed Dy, Madalyn Manzeck, Kim Rae Nugent, Tony Rajer, Rudy Rotter, and Tori Tasch shared their journaling skills in this exhibition. Several journaling workshops were offered by Tori, Lynne and Kim, and Cynthia Lorenz lead a series of six weekly journaling practice sessions.

Early Work... Again

December 1-December 16, 2017


Photography by students in introductory and intermediate classes at UW Sheboygan, UW Manitowoc and UW Washington County. This show was curated by Berel Lutsky.

From the Studio

September 29-November 18, 2017


An Exhibition at Gallery 224 featuring the artwork of the Staff and Artists in Residence at Studio 224: Angela Johnson, Carolyn Knorr, Gina Litherland, Cynthia Lorenz, Berel Lutsky, Patricia Bertha Mattingly, Barbara Jean McHugh, F. Martin Morante, Dave Niec, Barbara Olson, Hal Rammel, Vicki Reed, Nicole Shaver, Amy Stocklein and Pamela Strohl.

Close to Home

June 16-August 27, 2017


Lynne Bergschultz, Ed Dy, Madalyn Manzeck, Kim Rae Nugent, Tony Rajer, Rudy Rotter, and Tori Tasch shared their journaling skills in this exhibition. Several journaling workshops were offered by Tori, Lynne and Kim, and Cynthia Lorenz lead a series of six weekly journaling practice sessions.

Emerging 2017

May 12-May 27, 2017


The Port Washington High School Honors Art Show offered some pretty impressive art from these emerging artists.

Letters to Sassnitz

March 24-April 29, 2017


This show was put together to create greater awareness of the “Sister City” relationship between Port Washington and Sassnitz, Germany. Local photographers submitted more personal photos of what Port Washington means to them. The show will travel to Sassnitz, Germany this summer to share these “personal glimpses” of Port Washington with the people of Sassnitz. Sassnitz will return the favor this summer.

Drawing Attention

January 13-March 4, 2017


Featured artists: Sally Duback, Nina Ghanbarzadeh, Matthew Warren Lee, Cynthia Lorenz, Jared Patton Plock and Ryan Woolgar. Each shared their love of drawing, the techniques they use and what inspires them in separate artist talks and demonstrations.

Early Work: Photo Students

December 4-December 17, 2016


A selection of photographic work made by first- and second-year photography students at three of the UW System's two-year colleges – UW–Manitowoc, UW–Sheboygan and UW–Washington County.

The Same but Different

September 23-November 12, 2016


Patricia Bertha Mattingly, Kevin Giese, Grant Gill, Berel Lutsky, David Niec and Soraya Villarreal explore their relationship to the land.

Greetings from Wisconsin: Portraits

June 17-September 4, 2016


Featuring: Pulitzer Prize winning Photojournalist Gary Porter, Portraits from Kevin Miyazaki's Perimeter series, Portraits from Lois Bielefeld's Neighborhood series and Michael Bunton, Eddee Daniel, Tom Ferguson, Jake Hill, Penny Jesse, Martin Keey, Dan and Wendy Laurence, Cynthia Lorenz, Linda Merkel, Haley Miller, Rose Moter, Steven N. Robinson, Rebeka Schmieder, Annette Stimac, Pamela Strohl, Scott Symes, Barb Wagner and William Wirth

Emerging 2016

May 13-May 28, 2016


Ten artists from Port Washington High School's Advanced Placement Studio Art Class presented their Senior thesis submissions: Colin Binsfeld, Laura Bultman, Emily Catena, Briana Drews, Jesse Huckstep, Alli Klotz, Sara Schmidt, Alex Schwartz, Jessica Sobelman and Cassie Webb

Bachman's Warbler

April 1-April 23, 2016


Twenty artists respond to the extinction of Bachman's Warbler: Joe Acri, Kelly Alexander, Ann Baer, Jamie Bertsch, Melissa Dorn Richards, Daniel Fleming, Kevin Geise, Carissa Heinrichs, Chris Hewitt, Garrett Krueger, Sue Lawton, Matthew Lee, Claudette Lee-Roseland, Cynthia Lorenz, Martin Morante, Josie Osborne, Stephanie Pluta, Tyler Potnek, Pam Strohl, Richard Taylor and Angela Young. Also: Artist Talk special guest Shane McAdams.

An Art Education

February 26-March 19, 2016


An exhibit featuring Bachelor of Fine Art students at Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, Bachelor of Fine Art graduates from UWM Peck School for the Arts and Master of Fine Art students at UWM Peck School for the Arts.


January 15-February 6, 2016


A colorful and whimsical exhibit featuring Sally Duback and Paul Mitchell.

Black White and Shades of Gray

October 9-December 12, 2015


Work from 22 artists working in many different mediums who have embraced black and white channels for expression. Great show!

Much Ado About a Lot of Things

August 7-September 26, 2015


A trio of fabulous women shared their creations at this wonderful show: Gina Litherland, Anne Kingsbury and JoAnna Poehlmann.

Fur Fins Feathers

June 19 thru July 25, 2015


A fun and playful show for all ages featuring paintings by Jim Kiesow, sculptures by Andy Schumann and work by the current Artists in Residence and Emerging Artists.

Emerging 2015

May 15-May 30, 2015


An exhibition of work by nine students in this year's Advanced Placement Studio Art class at Port Washington High School: Laura Bultman, Natalie DeMerit, Robert Girard, Mackenzie Nourse, Josh Schaefer, Shaun Schowalter, Alex Schwartz, Zach Surges and Kaylee Walters.

The World Retrieved Contemporary Landscapes

April 10-May 2, 2015


Curated by Matthew W. Lee and featured the work of six Wisconsin artists who utilize landscape to comment on political, social and philosophical issues unique to contemporary life: Kay Knight, Matthew Lee, C. Matthew Luther, Robin Luther, Edmund Mathews and Corbett Toomsen.


January 30-March 21, 2015


Curated by Jamie Bertsch. With ties to UW Milwaukee Fibers Department, TACTILITY featured: Melis Agabigum, Jamie Lea Bertsch, Danielle Burren, Marna Goldstein Brauner, Kyoung Ae Cho, Taylor Easton, Brittany Ellenz, Anna Freerksen, Jen Triolo, Maikue Vang and Sarah Westphalen.

Good Alternatives

November 14-December 20, 2014


Gallery Talks were offered for learning about alternatives to traditional photography and the exhibit featured the photography of Carissa Heinrichs, Martin Morante, Hal Rammel and Vicki Reed 

Meet the Residents

September 27-October 25, 2014


Featuring our 2014-2015 Gallery 224 Studios Artists: Kelly Alexander, Ann Baer, Jamie Bertsch, Lindsay Davenport, Chris Hewitt, Sue Lawton, Matthew Lee, Cynthia Lorenz, Irene Taylor and Angela Young.

Playful Provocations

August 1-August 31, 2014


Featuring our 2013-2014 Gallery 224 Studios Artists: Elizabeth Ann Guokas, Tonia Klein, Monica Miller, Elise Thomm and Alice Waraxa.

HARBOR Reframed

June 13-July 20, 2014


HARBOR Reframed is a celebration of the Harbor and Marina of Port Washington with photographs by F. Martín Morante and watercolors by Lois Buley Wirth. This exhibit was curated by F. Martín Morante

Emerging 2014

May 9-May 31, 2014


Emerging 2014 is an exhibition of work by this year’s Advanced Placement Studio Art class at Port Washington High School and features the artistic talents of Jennah Curtin, Nathan Ehrlich, Taylor Fyhrlund, Alexy Hoff, Shawna Kirsch, Moira Poole, Josh Schaefer and Kaylee Walters.

Self Portraits

March 21-April 12, 2014


Ages in this exhibit ranged from 3-93, offering a diverse use of art media.

Abstract Conversation

January 31-March 1, 2014


Featured Artists: Richard Taylor, Melissa Dorn Richards, Daniel Fleming


October 11 - December 7, 2013

Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 5.06.23 PM.png

Featured Artists: Larry Basky, Barry Roal Carlsen, Sally Duback, Michael Kutzer, Barbara Manger, Jessica Meuninck-Ganger, Paul Mitchell, Nathaniel Stern and Christine Style


July 12 - September 1, 2013


Featuring the photography of Bruce Ambuel, Martha Coaty, John Feeney, Marcia Getto, Julian Kegel, Dan Laurence, Maria Liesegang, Cynthia Lorenz, Dale Van Minsel, Martin Morante, Hal Rammel, Vicki Reed, Sara Risley, Suzanne Rose, Mark Stall and Tom Uttech.

YARD - The Art of Craig Blietz

May 17 - June 23, 2013


This series of paintings has previously been shown at the Plymouth Arts Center in Plymouth, the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts in Brookfield, and the Carol and Robert Bush Art Center at St. Norbert College in De Pere.

Portraits - Fred Stonehouse and Former Students Along with Anonymous

April 12 - May 4, 2013


Portraits featured Fred Stonehouse, Sophia Arnold, Paula Helmstedt, Claire Huber, Raeleen Kao and Trina May Smith. Anonymous was a collaboration betweenMIAD’s ISA: Integration & Intersection students and Port Washington High School art students.

By Design

January 11 - March 16, 2013


Twenty-five artists challenge the way we think about our lives and stretch our imaginations beyond what we think is possible. Featuring Reginald Baylor, Richard Bronk, Adam Brown, Ray Chi, Lucy Derickson, Caitlin Driver, Frankie Flood, Bekka Grady, Heather Hambrecht, Sam Keil, Robert Lynch, Aaron Malinowski, Erich Moderow, Mary Ann Peterson, JoAnna Poehlmann, John Reichert, Dale Shidler, Ruby Silvestrini, Janine Smith, Mike Smith, Andrew Sumwalt, Stephanie Voegele, and Glenn Walters.

The Fourth Annual 100 Bowls

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Our spin on the national empty bowls movement. For $15 purchase a handmade bowl created by Port Washington High School art students, local artists and community members. Homemade soup and bread provided by the Dockside Deli. All proceeds from this event go to support the Port Washington Food Pantry.

Up North

October 5 - December 8, 2012


Featuring the art of Randall Berndt, Tom Uttech, Mark Brautigam, Kevin Giese, Katie Musolff, David Niec, John Riepenhoff and Brooke Thiele.

Fish & Ships

June 29 - September 2, 2012


Contributing Artists: Samuel Benavides, Tom Dent, Patrick Doughman, Lesley Etters, Julie Frothingham, Veronica Jayne Gagliano, Shirley Gruen, Robert Hagen, John Kubowicz, Dan Laurence, Claudette Lee-Roseland, Gina Litherland, Dale Van Minsel, Martin Morante, Becca Mulenburg, Katie Musolff, Sandra Pape, Lou Probst, Hal Rammel, Valorie Scheicher, Kelly Thorn Dulka, Andy Schumann, Janice Walczak, Amy and Pat Otis Wilborn, Cynthia Lorenz, Chuck Whitehouse


May 18 - June 16, 2012


Featuring the work of Sonja Thomsen as well as many other talented artists and their interpretations of the subject of water.

Drawing the Line

March 30 - April 21, 2012


A diverse range of artists, art and interpretations of images with a strong sense of line. Including Hal Rammel, Leah Schreiber, Leslie Vansen, Jason Yi


February 17 - March 16, 2012


Featured Artists:  Martin Morante, Becca Mulenburg and John Riepenhoff along withPort Washington High School Art Students. During the Portraits exhibit, Gallery 224 participated in "Kiss of Indulgence, Ladies Night Out" with a photo documentary of the Gallery 224 visitors by Martin Morante.

Food for Thoughts: Tastes and Texts

December 3, 2011 - January 29, 2012


A diverse range of artists, art, and interpretations of images rich in tastes or with a strong narrative quality. Works by Tom Dent, Patrick Doughman, Shirley Schanen Gruen, Claudette Lee-Roseland, Gina Litherland, Patricia Bertha Mattingly, Mary Ulm Mayhew, Martin Morante, Julie Norman, Katie Park, Jo Anna Poehlmann, Lou Probst, Lynn M. Rix, Fran Rubinstein, Jean D. Sobon, Linda Wervey Vitamvas, and Janice Walczak.

Third Annual 100 Bowls

January 29, 2012


Our spin on the national empty bowls movement. We purchased handmade bowls created by Port High School art students, local artists and community members. Homemade soup and bread was provided by the Dockside Deli. All proceeds went to support the Port Washington Food Pantry.

Birds of a Different Feather 

July 8 - August 27, 2011


Thirty artists interpret the subject of birds. Featuring Tom Uttech, Reginald Baylor, Jim Kiesow, Jessica Liljegren, Steven Lubahn, Vicki Reed, and Michael Santini.


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