Risë Andersen


Risë Andersen is a native of Port Washington. Her work has been exhibited across the country over the past  40 years. She has won numerous awards including 2 Wisconsin Arts Board New Work Grants, Lakefront Festival of Arts Award, of Excellence, Best of Show at the Wisconsin Painters and Sculpture Exhibit at the Lyndon Sculpture Gardens and a Residency at ARTPARK, Lewiston, NY. She participated in the first year artist residency of Artservancy with Gallery 224/OWLT. Her work is included in the book 500 Baskets and a variety of other publications.


"First Incantation II"

Acrylic media, mica, wood, paper and hardware.

16"x16"x2 1/2"


"Long and Short of It"

Acrylic media, mica, and hardware.



"Long the Mississippi"

Acrylic media, wood, and paper.

5 1/2"x5 1/2"x2"



"A Suspect of Inner Working"

Acrylic media and found objects. 





Acrylic media and wood.




"Over the Edge"

Acrylic media, wood, mica, and paper.

5 1/2"x5 1/2"x2"



"Where did it Go?"

Acrylic media, pods, and hardware. 



"Holy Breathing"

Acrylic media, found objects, mica, and hardware.

12"x16"x2 1/2"


"This work embodies the development of mixed media assemblages reflecting on the collective unconsciousness and interconnection of life. These intimate constructions act as shrines. Their surfaces imitating layers of plaster and stone, a reference to the passing of time. Within this mottled outer surface are alcoves housing delicate arrangements of found twigs, shells, stone, and urban miscellany dancing together to tell their stories."

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