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Risë Anderson

ARTservancy 2018-2019

Sauk Creek Nature Preserve

Port Washington

I chose to do my project on the Sauk Creek Nature Preserve in Port Washington, because it is in my backyard. I feel it makes the most sense for me to explore an area that I have lived in most of my life.

I like the topography of the Sauk Creek Nature Preserve, the limestone outcropping, and that it has a water feature. I understand it was a homestead, so that tells me it has a story that I look forward to learning more about. I also like that it is not a pristine Eden, but rather a transitional landscape.

I will begin by keeping a journal and whatever gets deposited in that journal will determine the focus of my project. I am mostly known for my sculptural work in basketry, but I also like to use mixed media assemblage as a format.