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Tori Tasch

Tori Tasch - printmaking

"One of my favorite childhood memories is transferring the Sunday comics to silly putty and distorting the images. Stretching the image led to sketchbooks filled with crazy cartoons. Forty years later, I continue to experiment with printmaking and transfer processes, often incorporating altered book pages and discarded ephemera into new pieces. Experimentation is essential to becoming successful at mastering a particular medium, genre, or technique. Working in paper, fabric, and other fibrous materials, I appropriate traditional practices of printmaking, paper-making, and bookmaking, using them toward my own ends. I physically embed a sense of place and layer conceptual meaning into my work. Incorporating fibers from non-native species emphasizes the human impact on the environment. Each work is a process containing layers of information that the viewer is invited to sort and sift through in the hopes of discovering hidden meaning."

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