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ARTservancy Application

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ARTservancy is a collaboration between creatives and conservancies (click here to see what preserves, trails, and lands saved for conservation you can select for the residency).  

We started with the notion that if artists spent a year on a specific piece of land and created works of art based on that experience, we might all be more informed, challenged & ignited in new ways. 


Moving into our sixth year of facilitating these collaborations, we as a community-based arts organization are challenged to continue this vision.  It is our hope that we will take the time to look and listen to our local artists, those working hard in land preservation and the natural world.  

If you are interested in being considered for a one-year residency at a local conservancy, please submit the following application.  Also, send a resume and five recent images of your artwork examples to and submit your $35 Application Fee.

Application Deadline August 31st, 2023

Artservancy application

Please fill out the basics below.  Remember to email your resume, 5 jpegs of recent work, and pay your application fee.

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Thanks for submitting!
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