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Meet the artists of studio 224

Discover our artists in residence creating at Studio 224

Video number 1 in this series is focused on Gina Litherland and Hal Rammel with some guest appearances from Micheal Bunton and Pat Bertha-Mattingly. Watch to see the different kinds of work that Gina and Hal do in the studio. This includes drypoint intaglio and other types of printmaking, as well as pinhole photography. 

Take a look at their websites for more

Video number 2 in this series is focused on Patricia Bertha-Mattingly. Pat is a multitalented artist with focuses on painting with different mediums, and some drypoint printmaking! In this video, you will not only see a lot of her work but also learn more about the types of work she is doing and the materials she is using.

Take a look at her website for more.

Video number 3 focuses on Papermaking with Plants, with Tori Tasch! In the video, we see the process behind making paper out of burdock as well as some other examples of paper Tori has made in the past. This includes plantable paper cutouts that attract monarch butterflies when they are grown. 

Take a look at her website for more.

Video number 4 takes you through a Photogravure printing process with Berel Lutsky! This video gives a deeper explanation of the materials used and also the steps in making a print like this! Berel works in the studio often and actually brought his own printing press in so that he can work more often and easier.

Check out some of his other work here.

Video number 5 shows the process of printing from photo to prints with Nicole Shaver! Here you'll see the different materials she uses, and two different printing projects. We also take a look at her collage work in her home studio! Nicole uses a similar printing process to Berel Lutsky which was featured in last week's video. 

Check out some of her other work here.

Video number 6 takes us through the process of developing a photo in the darkroom with photographer Michael Bunton. 

Watch and learn as Michael takes you along through the process and shows some of his other work! This video was filmed and edited by Erik Manley.

Check out some of his other work at the Cedarburg Cultural Center and the Grafton Arts Mill

Video number 7 in this series shows you the process of printing a photo on aluminum in the darkroom at Studio 224 with Andrew Musil!  Make sure you take in all the different steps of this really interesting process. 

Check out more of Andrew's work here.

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