ARTservancy 2020 - 2021

Mauriah Donegan

Sally Duback

Warren Enström

Frankie Suzanne Garr

Kristin Gjerdset

Angela and Justin Bitner

Jayce Kolinski

Berel Lutsky

Marsha Mcdonald

Heidi Parkes

Karen and Patrick Robison

Tom Smith

Beth Stoddard

Laj Waghray

Jaymee Harvey Willms

ARTservancy 2019 - 2020

Kelly Alexander

Krista Allenstein

Eddee Daniel

Leslie Fedorchuk

Devon Hugdahl

Barbara Manger

Mary Mendla

Danielle Pahlisch

Glenda Puhek

Vicki Reed

Tori Tasch

Emily Verbeten

ARTservancy 2018 - 2019

Risë Anderson

Michael Bunton

Brooklyn Henke

Chris Hewitt

Gina Litherland

Cynthia Lorenz

Patricia Bertha Mattingly

Todd Mrozinski

Andrew Musil

David Niec

Hal Rammel

Nicole Shaver

Reflections from Artist Residents


Eddee Daniel

Imagine all of these things are possible right in the middle of the city.

But, of course, there’s no need to imagine. Just head for the Milwaukee River Greenway.


Krista Allenstein

I am not educated in native plant species and my knowledge of trees is limited, so my appreciation of Sidney Woods was one of color, shape and texture.

Emily Verbeten

My work with Zinn preserve encapsulates my unique perspective as I walk down the path through the conifers, through the marsh, and let the preserve teach me as I bridge the worlds of science and art.

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