Gallery 224

 Glenda Puhek's sgraffito ceramics installed at Gallery 224.

Gallery 224 presents, Glenda Puhek

Stop down by our window in the month of November to see the artwork of ARTservancy Artist Resident, Glenda Puhek.

This exhibition features artwork inspired by the Milwaukee River Greenway created for ARTservancy.

Artist Featured in Riverwest Currents Magazine 

 You can check out more about Glenda's experience with ARTservancy in the November issue of Riverwest Currents Magazine.  Glenda shares her ceramics, her experience with ARTservancy and her interest in, 'the science of noticing'.





Gallery 224 
Gallery 224 is closed due to Covid-19.  We look forward to inviting you into our space when it is safe to gather again.  
303 N Franklin Street
Port Washington, WI

Video by Mary Mendla

On View: Glenda Puhek sgraffito ceramics inspired by the Milwaukee River Greenway.