Hal Rammel


Hal Rammel is a Cedarburg-based visual artist and photographer who has explored all variety of cameraless and alternative process photography for the past 25 years. Much of his recent work combines cameraless and multiple exposure techniques (e.g cliché Verre printing using homemade negatives on glass) often incorporating pinhole cameras of his own design and construction. His work has been exhibited at the Milwaukee Institute of Art Design, the Wustum Museum of Fine Art,  Corbett vs. Dempsey Gallery, Woodland Pattern Book Center, Audible Gallery, Walker’s Point Center for the Arts, ArtStart and the Cedarburg Art Museum.  Photographs have been reproduced on the covers of numerous compact discs released by Hat Art, Allos Musica, Penumbra Music, and Long Arms. 

Artist Statement

"In all of my work as a visual artist, photographer, and musician I require that whatever medium or method I employ, the results must surprise me. I always want to go to someplace I’ve never been before and I want to stay there awhile, look around and listen. In other words, I want to capture the sense of a complete world, filled with detail and discovery. The path to that world may be quite clear. The artifacts of previous explorers may remain easily visible, but I require of myself that I have forged some new path and the efforts toward that exploration have been well rewarded."