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To be continued . . .

It seems only fitting that the last show Gallery 224 founder Jane Suddendorf curated would be named “To be continued …” They are words that Jane often spoke in conversations with those close to her and the gallery. To be continued was Jane’s way of bookmarking forward progress, while giving people wiggle room to further ruminate – to afford the ongoing dialogue the latitude to become something wondrous. Both understated and open-ended, the words to be continued are inclusive and communal, and a reminder that this art thing is not an ending but a journey. A journey best taken in the company of others. And finally, to be continued playfully acknowledges that at some point we must let go of the details and allow things to become what they will. That’s what Jane would have wanted … for us to gather, let go, and allow these things to become what they will. 

Join us as we celebrate the life of


Friday, September 17, 2021 | 5 to 7 pm

Gathering at Gallery 224

Through the month of September 2021 we are collecting memories of Jane's impact on the

local community, the art community and the land conservancy community.  

To Be Continued

Photos from Vicki Reed, Jamie Bertsch and Cynthia Lorenz of the September 17, 2021 event.

Vicki Reed - Front 2.jpeg
Vicki Reed people 2.jpeg
Vicki Reed - Posters_edited.jpg
Vicki Reed Hal Talking.jpeg
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Jamie Bertsch COLOR2.jpg
Leave a Memory Anchor

We are accepting memories of Jane Suddendorf through September 30, 2021 

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